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Our Story

For founders, Drs Cara and Gary, debunking the myths of ancient medicine (while proving the better parts) and combining them with modern science has been a quest since the beginning. Through the steam of boiled herbal tonics handed by their grandmothers, their path became clear.

Fast-forward, and the pair spent their medical school elective in a Shanghai hospital, an experience which compelled them to lift the veil a little more on ancient medicines, steeped in tradition but for Westerners, shrouded in secrecy.

After witnessing the success of cancer patients receiving mainstream, scientifically proven treatment alongside herbal remedies to ease the side effects of chemotherapy, the positive outcomes – and their path – became clear.

Their mission: to combine thousands of years of wisdom, tradition and culture with the world’s most cutting edge science to create supplements born of a holistic view of health.

Welcome to wellness that draws on tradition and defies convention to take the idea of ‘natural’ to another level.

Welcome to Epitome.